Friday, May 7, 2010

in the next three days

It has been quite in the studio, although not in a sketch book and not in my head. OnWednesday morning I filled in 10 feet of a brick wall in ART 12 Gallery in Fort Point. ARTWALK starts tonight and goes on until Sunday evening. It has been a long while since my last "real" show in Boston area. I kept the most of recent work (especially large pieces) at home and installed some older work, even one painting from 2007, which is small. All the walls have been distributed ahead of time. I asked for a brick wall, but did I ask for the only wall in front of which light is not working? This is too sarcastic, I think. Oh well, for the same reason why it is sarcastic it will not be hard to take care of, I think.Just half an hour, small table, a chair and rock and roll.

Large pieces that I am keeping home for now:

They are all about 6 feet high! My new work...

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