Tuesday, April 27, 2010

selected pages from sketch book

For many years sketchbooks have been my stream of conscious. I often wrote in them, planned work describing it to myself more than drawing or painting. Then times will come during which for unknown to me reason, I will be totally unable to fill in the page in a sketch book. I will open it, proudly date it and close it. From time to time I came up with book that have no written text, or where text becomes a part of the page. In the past collage was a big reason and part of those books. But two weeks ago, after talking one of my students into the whole idea of a "visual diary" (this is how I call it for my students) I became excited and suddenly started one. It feels wonderful. It is, I think, this time connecting images with thoughts, both consciously and not. I am even thinking about making a page for them on my new site. Here are a few random pages scanned yesterday. I will put collages separately.

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