Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Reassembled back to normal, after the Passover dinner last night, it feels confused in the studio. Furniture shifted, people left, sounds changed, food vanished, paintings... moved back and fourth, now trying to find their spaces back to where they can pretend to be invisible. - A feeling of disorientation creates a tension between the objects in the room. Passover Haggadahs building a mountain on an old wooden chair - poetry review sitting on the top of a tower, like a butterfly on a cake, reminding us about the mystery of every single individual and the impossibility of the escape.

Two new unfinished gray squares are taking the studio space back.

One just came back down to the floor. It wants to be left alone, it wants to be finished. It already feels over-painted. How do I stop? It is seems to be more narrational than needed, but it is balanced and has a character. It is bloody. Two small bare feet walk on the wire. Blood dropping down through a dark gray fog.

The other new square piece is asleep and vulnerable. Asking for emptiness, abstracted bright lights, as wire projections through my windows shields. Can rain be white?

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