Saturday, May 29, 2010

Russian objective approach to history

It is understandable that Art and art movements of the country of any time can be considered a reflection of its politics.Filled with rage during revolutions and times of change people destroy symbols, official signs, slogans... they want to forget and, most importantly, not advertise the points of view that have been reflections of something wrong and evil. But some may argue that by doing so they destroy art or destroy history. At the same time, it can be stated, that they re-create art and make history. In a way, both of the ideas are correct. It creates a controversy.

In 2008 Kurskaya metro station in Moscow reopened after the restoration. Its vestibule, returned to splendor of past years, was adorned with the lines from the Soviet anthem: "Stalin our Leader with faith in the people/Inspired us to build up the land that we love".
The inscription had disappeared from the station in 1956, after Khrushev's revelations of Stalin's crimes. The statue of Stalin could not be found, so its niche remained empty.The words alone are enough to provoke an outcry.The statue was not returned to the station. The inscription remained, the director of the Moscow metro, ordered the the words about Stalin's inspirational role be neutralized by the addition of on emore verse from the anthem, this one about Lenin: "Through days dark and stormy where Great Lenin led us/Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above."

When describing my own work I often call it "nostalgic fairy tales". The longing for a common, known space often is a key in my imagery. As a painter I want my viewer to walk into my paintings, as if in Stanislavsky's method, which requires the actor to enter the role so completely as to forget his own identity. When people will be walking into the Kurskaya station they will be walking into the history, common place that has changed its identity a few times.

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